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Bamboo Furniture Systems

May 10, 2010

‘Truss me’ is a sustainable furniture system developed by the team at Indian design studio of  sandeep sangaru.

The concept behind the collection explores new construction possibilities with solid bamboo poles – strictus dendocalmus – and splits, using modular forms and lamination joints for new applications.

The ‘truss me’ protoypes were developed with the help of a group of artisans in the village of Sankhela,Tripura, India, a region which has an abundant bamboo resource, cultivated in organized plantations by local farmers.

All of the products are completely handcrafted. The components used for construction are modular and repetitive, and can be produced in batches by a group of craftsmen.The furniture has been designed to use locally resourced bambooand skills in a sustainable fashion.

Bamboo furniture system is part of the selection of Indian Contemporary Design Production in designboom’s curated exhibition ‘asia_now’, a show at dwell on design in los angeles, in june 25 – 27, 2010.

Source + Text: Designboom

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