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June 29, 2010

The Vuvuzela is the  long plastic tube blown into to by  South African supporters cheering for their teams. It has been discussed quite a bit in media recently, regarding whether or not to allow it at all on to the grandstands at the FIFA World Cup 2010 as the players sais it’s unpleasant distraction. The South African Football Association claims its heritage.

The vuvuzela is typically a 65 cm (2.13 ft) plastic blowing horn that produces a loud, distinctive monotone note, typically around B♭3

Its high sound pressure levels at close range can lead to permanent hearing loss for unprotected ears after exposure with a sound pressure of 120 dB(A) at 1 metrefrom the horn opening. In response to the controversy, a new model has a modified mouthpiece that reduces the volume by 20 dB.

Traditionally made and inspired from a kudu horn, the vuvuzela was used to summon distant villagers to attend community gatherings. Now mass produced as a plastic horn, some versions come in colourful prints and the ones below are a wonderful way to express traditional African beading craft on a very traditional object.

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